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Happy Sindhi New Year To All - March 18-19 2018!

Attention all talented Sindhis!

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Map of Sindh - India Pakistan

Cheti Chand Aayo Jhulan Khe Manayo,
Bherana Sahib Ghumayo,
Sesa Parsad Virayo,
Khushin Jo Dihun Aayo,
Lal Sai ji Mehar Kamayo!!

Cheti Chand ji lakh lakh wadhayun sabhni sindhiun khe
Sabhni Sindhiun khe Lal sai kare he nayon saal
Tawahan sabhni je zindagi me carorein carorein khushyun khani ache
Happy Cheti Chand!!

Jeko chavando jhulelal
Tanhija thenda bera paar
Aayo Laal Jhulelal
Lal ja jhati chavo Jhulelal.com

Sabahi pyaar sa chavo

Haar Kar Jitne Waale Ko Baazigar Kehte Hain
Pehli Baar Mein Hi Jitne Waale Ko $indhi Kehte Hain
- A Original Quote By Kani Seth

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