When your mom makes a Mexican meal and tells you to count the number of
   Taco Bell sauce packets in her purse.
They peel the stamps off letters that the postal service missed to mark up.
They buy 2-ply toilet paper and they tell you to use only 1 ply at a time
   to make it last.
When your mom comes home with napkins stuffed in her purse of the
   restaraunt she last ate at.
When you become part of that viscious clan who recycles wedding gifts-
Take Indian snacks anywhere it says "No food allowed"
Make kichdi on the beach wearing saris
Wear shorts with dress socks and tennis shoes
Try to use coupons that expired 5 months ago and argue
        when the store doesn't accept them, or simply tear off
        the expiration date
Eat half of a pizza at a restaurant and then complaining
        that it wasn't made right (I want refund!)
The famous: "hamburger, no meat, water, no ice, 3 cups,
        and 18 ketchups please"
Talk for an hour at the front door when leaving someone's house
        etc, etc.
Loading up the family car with as many indians as possible when it's
      a "pay per car" entrance fee.
Renting movies and splitting the cost with 2 other families and
        having the last family return it.
      - taking 30-45 minutes deciding which indian movie to watch when it
        only costs 25 cents!...then asking for a refund when it sucks.
When you see a bath pail in a stand-up shower or tub
When everyone gets the same Christmas present...a "buy one get one free"
When people show up late to a function...just in time for the food!
Plastic covers anything new in your parents' house whether it
   is the remote control to the VCR or the new livingroom couch.
Your parents only face straight when driving with both hands on
   the steering wheel and notice nothing but the road in front of
They have one of these three cars, an Olds Cutlass Ciera, a Honda
   Accord or a Toyota Camry. (Sindhi's drive a Lexus or a Mercedes.)
When family friends come over, you have ten conversations going on in the
     same room at the same time very loudly.
You eat dinner on the floor covered with newspapers when company comes
Your parents tell you to not care what your friends think but
   they won't let you do certain things because of what the other "Uncles
      and Aunties" will think.
You've never owned white clothing because it will be hard to take stains
     out of it. (That's what mom says.)
You have a collection of used wrapping paper and bows that have been saved
     for re-use.
Your bio-data and picture have been circulated more than your resume.
Your parents won't let you attend college outside of your hometown because
     you might actually date members of the opposite sex!


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